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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ImgType HTML Formatter?

ImgType HTML Formatter is an online tool designed to help you beautify and organize your HTML code. It allows you to format, indent, and clean up your HTML for a more polished and professional appearance.

How does the HTML Formatter work?

Simply paste your HTML code into the provided text area, click the "Format" button, and our tool will automatically organize and beautify your code. The formatted HTML will be displayed, and you can easily copy it for use in your projects.

What are the benefits of using ImgType HTML Formatter?

ImgType HTML Formatter enhances code readability, making it easier to understand and maintain. It helps create a consistent coding style and ensures your HTML is well-organized, which can improve collaboration and overall project quality.

Can I use ImgType HTML Formatter for free?

Yes, ImgType HTML Formatter is a free online tool available to everyone. You can access and use it without any cost or sign-up requirements.

Are there any limitations on the size of HTML code that can be formatted?

While there is no strict limit, extremely large HTML files may experience performance issues. For optimal results, we recommend using ImgType HTML Formatter for moderately-sized HTML documents.

Does ImgType HTML Formatter modify my original HTML file?

No, ImgType HTML Formatter operates in a read-only mode. Your original HTML code remains unchanged. The formatted version is generated separately, allowing you to copy and use it without altering your original code.

Is there a feature to customize the formatting style?

Currently, ImgType HTML Formatter provides standard formatting options. We are continuously working on updates, and custom formatting features may be included in future releases.

How can I provide feedback or report issues with ImgType HTML Formatter?

We appreciate your feedback! Please use the contact form on our website to report issues or share your suggestions. Your input helps us improve the tool for a better user experience.

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