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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a raw file converter?

A raw file converter is software that translates RAW image files, preserving their original quality, into more accessible formats like JPEG, PNG, WEBP, SVG, AVIF, BMP or TIFF.

How do I convert RAW photos?

Use a RAW converter tool like imgtype, upload your RAW image, select the desired output format, and convert it effortlessly.

Can I convert JPG to RAW?

No, converting JPG to RAW isn't feasible. RAW files contain uncompressed data and can't be generated from compressed formats like JPG.

Why use RAW files?

RAW files retain maximum image data, allowing greater flexibility in editing. They preserve details, making them ideal for professional photographers.

What is a raw image?

A raw image is an unprocessed, uncompressed file capturing all sensor data from a camera, preserving maximum quality and detail.

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