Image Rotator

Rotate only images with portrait or landscape orientation at once.

How It Works

Upload Image
Choose and upload your image file using the “Upload” button. ImgType supports multiple formats for compatibility.
Adjust Rotation
Use the user-friendly tools to rotate your image clockwise or counterclockwise until it aligns perfectly.
Save or Download
Preview and save the rotated image directly to your device or preferred cloud storage platform for quick access.

Why rotate an image?

Sometimes pictures appear sideways or upside-down on your computer or online, causing inconvenience. While keeping a proper camera position during photography helps, it may not always ensure correct orientation, especially when viewing the image in software that ignores orientation metadata.

The default orientation of an image depends on the camera or smartphone used to capture it. Most devices save orientation metadata based on the sensor detecting the camera’s position. Unfortunately, some applications disregard this metadata, leading to incorrectly displayed images.

In such cases, an Image Rotator can be employed to physically rotate the photo by 90 degrees left or right, adjusting the orientation from landscape to portrait, or vice versa. Remarkably, the quality of rotated pictures shouldn’t degrade because their internal pixel data remains intact.

Rotate an Image Online with Our Website:

When it comes to image rotation, you may seek to enhance the appearance or change the orientation from portrait to landscape, or vice versa. However, rotation isn’t solely about adjusting orientation; it’s a tool to elevate an image’s aesthetics, where even a slight angle change can significantly enhance its overall perception. To assist you in this task, various online applications for image rotation are available, and ResizePixel is one of them.

With ResizePixel’s free photo rotator, you can rotate a GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, or TIFF image by 90 degrees left or right. To perform a 180 or 270-degree rotation, simply turn the photo clockwise or counterclockwise multiple times. There’s no limit to perfection, so let’s get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Image Rotator Tool?

The Image Rotator Tool on ImgType is a web-based solution that allows you to rotate images to your desired orientation. It enables easy adjustments to the positioning of your images, making them align perfectly according to your preferences.

Which Image Formats Does the Image Rotator Support?

ImgType's Image Rotator supports various image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and more. You can effortlessly rotate images in these formats without any compatibility issues.

Is the Image Rotator Tool Free to Use?

Yes, the Image Rotator Tool on ImgType is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or subscriptions required. Simply upload your image and start rotating it as needed.

Can I Rotate Multiple Images Simultaneously?

Currently, the Image Rotator Tool operates on a single-image basis. You can upload and rotate one image at a time. However, you can quickly rotate multiple images by using the tool consecutively for each image.

Does the Image Rotator Affect Image Quality?

No, rotating images using ImgType's Image Rotator does not compromise the quality of your images. The tool rotates images without altering their resolution or quality, ensuring your visuals remain crisp and clear after rotation.

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