YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Simply paste the URL of the YouTube video, and instantly download its
thumbnail in various resolutions such as HD, SD, and more.

About YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

For each YouTube video, YouTube generates multiple thumbnail sizes including HD Image (1280×720), SD Image (640×480), Normal Image (480×360), Small Image (320×180), and Extra Small Image (120×90).

To use these images on your website, simply copy the YouTube video URL from your browser’s address bar and paste it into our YouTube thumbnail grabber’s input box. We’ll retrieve all the available thumbnails and display them with a download button. You can then click on the desired image to save it to your computer or use the image directly via its URL.

How to Download YouTube Thumbnail in a Few Seconds

A free tool for instantly grabbing and downloading any YouTube thumbnail.

Add YouTube Video URL
Just add the YouTube video URL in the corresponding field.
The YouTube video thumbnail will be generated automatically as soon as you add the URL.
Hit the Download button to store the YouTube thumbnail image on your device in .JPG format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is a tool that allows you to download thumbnail images from YouTube videos in various sizes. You simply need to provide the URL of the video, and the tool retrieves the thumbnails for you.

How do I use the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

To use the downloader, copy the URL of the YouTube video from your browser's address bar, paste it into the input box on our tool, and press the download button. The thumbnails will be displayed, and you can download them by clicking on the desired resolution.

Which thumbnail sizes can I download?

You can download thumbnails in several resolutions including HD (1280x720), SD (640x480), Normal (480x360), Small (320x180), and Extra Small (120x90).

Can I download YouTube video thumbnails in 4K resolution?

YouTube does not typically generate thumbnails in 4K resolution. The highest resolution available for a YouTube thumbnail is usually 1280x720 pixels, which corresponds to HD (High Definition). Thumbnails are primarily meant to give viewers a quick preview of video content, and thus are not provided in the higher resolutions that actual videos might support, such as 4K. If you need higher-resolution images from a YouTube video, you would generally need to capture them directly from the video itself when it is playing at your desired resolution.

Is it legal to use YouTube thumbnails?

Using YouTube thumbnails can be legal depending on the purpose and manner in which you use them. For personal, educational, or other non-commercial purposes, it's generally permissible. However, using thumbnails for commercial purposes may infringe on copyrights, especially if the thumbnail contains recognizable copyrighted elements. If you plan to use thumbnails commercially, it's best to obtain permission from the copyright holder or ensure that your usage complies with fair use criteria. Consulting with a legal professional is recommended to navigate these issues properly.

Is there a limit to how many thumbnails I can download?

There is no limit to the number of thumbnails you can download. Our tool is free to use, and you can download as many thumbnails as you need.

Are there any costs associated with using the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

No, our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or fees for downloading thumbnails. You can download thumbnails from any publicly accessible YouTube video without any cost.

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